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Coming home from work only to pass out for two hours and still be tired. Work is so draining lately. All this unnecessary drama and stress. I just want to sleep… 

You never talk to me. You never make the first move. I wish we could just have one long conversation for once. I miss talking to you. But you don’t even try. It’s hard for me to believe you care, its hard to see how you could possibly have feelings for me. You say you’re scared but you can’t even take a risk. 


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Seems like its always so sad because its where I run to get away. I have no intentions on describing something that makes me happy. It’s mine. 

I had a talk with you for two hours, maybe longer. I asked you to confirm everything. You gave me back my sanity. You inspired me to become .. who I want to be, who I use to be. That person who I saw as perfection. She’s back. The stable happy girl, who had the grasp of momentary happiness at her side. Patience came easy and kindness was natural. Motivation and desire, that need to succeed. We’re both trying to reach perfection, me and you, we’re the same person. You are my other half. My mentor, my idol. Forever will I look up to you. Forever will you be my best friend. The one who was by my side when I cried, the one who made me cry. Through thick and thin, we’ve climbed mountains together, overcame anything thrown at us. Nothing will ever break us up. Because we pick each other up. I don’t love you, I don’t feel the need to be by you, or constantly think about you. But I know that you are the one I trust, the one who I can go days without talking to and as soon as we talk again, it’s like we had been talking for days. You are the one I will always have around when I’ve reached my breaking point. 

No one has respect for anyone other than a select few. 


You made me believe
that you had finally forgotten
about me. That you had
gotten rid of the memories,
the love, and every word
that I carefully placed on
the inside of your heart.
You made me believe
that you had finally erased
me from your mind. My
name is no longer a word
that you have become
familiar with. You made me
believe that you had finally
forgotten about me, until
I tried forgetting about you.

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Had a dream about you last night. It was weird. I saw your face but your personality was completely different. I wonder if we had worked out if that was really you. Dreams are so bittersweet sometimes. 

Where did all my confidence go

Pretty depressed for the first time in a while. Reached my breaking point, there’s absolutely nothing that makes me happy anymore.